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The Quantum Mechanics and Philosophical Perspective

For centuries we’ve known, and more recently quantum mechanics confirms this. However, if you look around you, we don’t seem to live this reality.

How else do you explain the massive disparity on our planet? The degradation of our natural world? The gender pay gap? Religious wars? Racial persecution?

It’s clear from our actions that humanity has a long way to go.

Most of these negative outcomes can be traced back to living from a dualistic perspective. 

Dualism is thinking in terms of separateness.  

As a non-dualist, however, you inherently know that everything is one and you see the value of connection, collaboration and our responsibility therein. Together we achieve more than we do alone.

At Datonomy Solutions therefore, we feel it is our responsibility and purpose to use our skills, knowledge and experience in DATA and DIGITAL to grow together and to help grow others.  

In alignment with the philosophy of Connected Value Creation, we aim to not just offer products and services that deliver value to ALL key stakeholders as an output, but throughout the process as well.  

We take this a step further. We inspire our customers and others to adopt the model, and show them how to engage with their customers and people in the same way.


The Old Model is Broken.

Most businesses have a shareholder-only focus, where companies sell their clients whatever they are willing to buy whether they need it or not, at the highest possible price. They use their employees as assets to be sweated at the lowest possible cost so as to optimise shareholder returns.

Some may say, “Well, what’s wrong with that? Businesses have been operating on this model for centuries!” Whilst that might have worked in the past - right now and into the future - if all you care about is making money from your customers, you will soon be replaced by service providers that offer real value and tangible outcomes that drive business forward. Also, you won’t be able to attract and retain talent if you don’t offer your people meaning and purpose beyond a pay cheque.

Yes, the old model might get you to the top, but it won’t keep you there! In fact, up to 50% of ‘Shareholder-focussed-only’ companies that make it to the Fortune 500 drop out of the bottom within a 10 year period.  


Shareholder-only model


A Better Model Already Exists.

The crux of it is this: firms that operate from a Shared Value model achieve sustainable growth. Take for example the companies described in the book Firms of Endearmenthttp://www.firmsofendearment.com

Empirical research over a 15 year period, as documented in this book, shows that Shared Value companies outperform standard companies 14 times over. That’s a performance difference of 1681% growth over a 15 year period, versus 118% over the same period. 

This proves there is a better way to do business. 

Shared Value model


Connected Value Creation.

We asked ourselves: if there is a better way that makes business sense, then why has there not been a more dramatic shift to this way of working? Perhaps it’s because of short-term greed, or maybe people just simply don’t know how to do things differently?

What is clear from the literature and real life examples, is that people recognise these companies, but there is little guidance to help others walk their own journey and achieve the same, themselves. Furthermore, we felt that ‘Shared Value’ could quickly become outcomes-based only at the expense of key stakeholders along the way, before value is shared. It seems it is time for a new model – one we call ‘Connected Value Creation’. A model that is simple to understand and easy to adopt, which creates value along the way, not just at the end.

Our aim is not just to live this model for the sake of our own growth, but to do so in a way that inspires and helps others to do the same. This is our ‘Why’

Connected Value Creation©

Connected Value Creation©


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