How we do it. 

Connected Value Creation©

Connected Value Creation©


What does our Connected Value Creation Model do?

Because we are obsessed with uncovering what is truly of value to key stakeholders, and focusing where there is overlap, our model ensures that we add value to:

  • all key stakeholders,

  • at the same time,

  • along the process, not just at the end,

  • in a dynamic way; staying connected to ever-changing definitions of value


We focus on the drivers of value!

We research what is of value to all stakeholders in general, and we identify where there is overlap between all stakeholders, and that is the part we focus on. We then assign drivers of value to each area using the 80/20 principle.


Employee Value.


The driver we have chosen to deliver Employee Value is called the Entrepreneurial Plan. It starts at the very first interview with a set of questions that are designed to help people relook at their old paradigms and develop a new one that enables them to achieve the most value for themselves. The moment a person joins Datonomy Solutions, they are assigned a mentor who continually uncovers their passion and skills and overlaps that with what is of value to our clients.

In the area where there is an overlap, we agree a yearly plan that helps them add value to themselves while adding value to our clients at the same time.

This plan defines their:

  • Training

  • Project exposure

  • IP development (with profit share)

  • Marketing of themselves

In addition, our people meet with their mentors once a month, who support them in delivering Connected Value Creation to all stakeholders. Plus, we have monthly client team meetings and quarterly competency groups for problem solving and upskilling.



Customer Value.


Because we add value to our employees on an ongoing basis, our customers get engaged team members who are skilled in their areas of passion and aligned to the customer needs.

In addition, the drivers we have chosen to deliver Customer Value are:

  • Understand what is of value

  • Build relationships

  • Identify opportunities to add value

  • Deliver exceptionally

In terms of understanding value: our aim is to uncover what is going to make a positive impact to our clients’ business, instead of selling them products they don’t need. And to use our industry knowledge to give them a better understanding of best practices within the industry, as well as helping them understand their organisations better as we sometimes work across functions and departments. We increase connection within the organisation as a result.

In terms of building relationships: it is about moving beyond the traditional buyer/supplier relationships that are often transactional and hierarchical to real relationships based on trust, competency and a shared goal. A real relationship is based on caring about the success of the companies we both serve and the people who work therein. Our belief is that only with the desire to truly understand what is of value and real relationships can one genuinely identify opportunities to add value. These are the interventions that are really going to create an impact - it’s not about time and materials for us.

Whenever we are fortunate enough to be given an opportunity to add value, our philosophy goes beyond revenue focus. We endeavour to always deliver exceptionally, because there is no connected value CREATION without DELIVERING EXCEPTIONALLY.

Each and every person who works at Datonomy Solutions is responsible for adding value along all of these customer drivers on an ongoing basis. We meet monthly with our clients through all levels of the organisation to work on the four drivers of customer value.



Financial Value.


Delivering Customer Value, Employee Value, Societal Value and Environmental Value are the drivers of Financial Value. Most companies chase financial value, for us it is a natural business outcome. Since adopting this model three years ago, Datonomy Solutions has grown 400%.


Societal Value.


We strive to do well, by doing good. 

We are helping to build companies that leave the world a better place. By understanding and respecting the interconnectedness of all things, we can embed value creation in every aspect of business.

We are continually looking for opportunities to add value to society, in whatever form that may take. See for instance the MySchool app that Datonomy built.

This is also the multiplier effect in action: our employees enjoyed working on it, and we went above and beyond what our client could afford in their budget. By engaging with our client’s client, we were able to build a product that engaged two new untapped demographics and has contributed to significantly more money being donated to good causes across South Africa. (Moving from R1-million per week, to R1.7-million per week - and counting.)


Environmental Value.


There is no Planet B. We keep sustainability at the core of what we do. There is no point having a great business if we have no planet to do business on. As such, we are using our skills and knowledge to create a more connected world, through which we reduce pressure on our natural assets and limited environmental resources.

For example, the Do One Thing app we are currently developing, which inspires small but powerful actions that have a global impact.


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